Har2009 Impressions (movie)

Posted: 18th August 2009 by Rick Deckardt in Uncategorized
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Here’s my video called “HAR2009 Impressions”. It’s a rough cut of my footage, please use in your own works, see the license below for more info.

  • Normal quality 184MB, this one should stream from the web, max. video bandwidth is ~1.500Mbps
  • High quality fits on a CD-ROM at 481MB, higher video bandwidth ~3.200Mbps, use this for better image quality in derived works.

Note: Both files are MP4, H.264/AAC, 720p (1280×720@30fps), 128kbps stereo sound, only difference is video bitrate/image quality. runtime: 18m 57s.

If you like it, please leave a comment and if you want, follow me on twitter.

Have fun!

Creative Commons License HAR2009 Impressions video by Rick Deckardt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Netherlands License.

  1. jolie says:

    Mooie impressie! ik krijg meteen heimwee :-)

  2. Hans says:

    Cool, bedankt!

  3. datenwolf says:

    This triggers so many HAR flashbacks. Too bad it only lasted 4 days.
    Yesterday I were’t able to reflect about HAR (had to drive home, unload the car, get sleep. Today I started to digest all the impressions.

    What an awesome event!

  4. Mooie opname, geweldig, bedankt !!

    @Datenwolf, sorry, that it did n’t worked out with your wireless
    robot-project. You are welcome to use my DNS-service in 2013. ;-)
    BTW, har2009.info domain stops resolving today…….

    Greetz, René, (Xenomatrix, Amersfoort)

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  6. Geoff DeWan says:

    Hi The Impressions movie link is broken- can you restore it and email us when it is up again?
    G. DeWan
    Los Angeles

  7. Hi, they’re up again

  8. Enno Lenze says:

    s/ts/nks/ -> Thanks