Superviral: Volvo Van Damme – Epic Split

Posted: 15th November 2013 by Rick Deckardt in epic, viral, volvo

Appropriately titled “The Epic Split,” Volvo says the advertisement is the real deal and that while some safety equipment was digitally removed, no computer trickery is involved in the actual stunt, at least not on camera.  — source foxnews

Diep respect voor Jean-Claude van Damme die dit toch even op zijn 53e doet.

How to go full retard

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Giant bird sighting in the Netherlands

Posted: 10th November 2013 by Rick Deckardt in cryptozoology, parkvogel, sightings

This sunday a big grey-blue bird was sighted near Arnhem. The bird is obviously diurnal and not very shy. He tried to fly away but turned out to be a tad bit too heavy for that. Then it tried to enter a conveniently parked car but didn’t fit behind the wheel. The team from Birdwatch PV followed him to his natural habitat, which seemed to be a parking lot. We were able to see the bird move around his territory and captured some scenes never seen before! This car park loving animal belongs into the annals of ornithology!

If you wanna have a chance to catch a glimpse of him visit His home turf is a hypermodern parking garage near Düsseldorf airport.

Awesome dance moves, be amazed

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